Rebranding and logo change of the DURAN Group GmbH. On the 01 June 2017, the former DURAN Group GmbH, with headquarters in Wertheim, Germany, changed its name to "DWK Life Sciences GmbH."


 This name change is the result of the merger of DURAN Group GmbH with the WHEATON and KIMBLE companies, the new group has become a global company that combines three of the leading brands for laboratory products.


 To present an internationally uniform brand presence, and to promote integration, we decided to merge the three separate company brands into one strong global company umbrella brand. This new company logo was first presented in March this year at the American PITTCON trade fair.


 The implementation of the new group name and the new brand name will result in changes to the company web domains, e-mail addresses, product and marketing literature. This extensive conversion of all three companies over to the new branding will take place gradually over time.