Oil and Gas

  • Contact: Syed Asif Iqbal
    Saudi Arabia
    Email Address:  iqbalsa@naizak.com


  • Fully Automatic Cloud, Pour and Freeze Point Analyzers 
  • Fully Automatic Cloud, Pour and Freeze Point Analyzers with Auto Sampler.
  • Pour Point, Cloud Point, Freeze Point for Lube and Fuel oil
  • Flashpoint Testers
  • Vapor Pressure Analyzers
  • Petroleum Distillation unit
  • Viscosity measuring instruments
  • Asphalting Flocculation
  • Wax Appearance and Deposition

  • Scale Formation
  • Differential Scaling loop
  • Hydrate Formation
  • Thermal Conductivity of Fluids
  • Long Term Stability/ Stress Test
  • Drag Reduction Evaluation
  • H2S Content
  • Multi-Shot pyrolysis EGA/PY-3030D ( Micro Reactor use with GC/MS)
  • Tandem µ-Reactor Rx-3050TR
  • Ultra ALLOY  capillary column



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