Material Testing

  • Contact: Ayman Abd El Hak
    Saudi Arabia
    Email Address:


  • Polymer process Laboratory.
  • Single screw laboratory extruder with blown film single and multiple layer , cast film , different down stream.
  • Twin screw Laboratory extruder , co rotating and counter rotating, Laboratory compounder.
  • Laboratory Mixer.
  • Laboratory press and two roll mill.
  • Micro injection molding machine, laboratory injection molding machine, two components injection molding machine, medical parts injection molding machine.
  • ISO molds , ASTM molds.
  • In line inspection systems for plastic films , non woven and glass.
  • Plastic film inspection , Haze , thickness, COF, Heat sealer, ...
  • Mooney viscometer , rubber process , Rheometer, hardness , specific gravity, Mixers, cutters, . Weathering test equipment.
  • Pipe testing equipment, internal pressure for pipes, Burst for pipes, end closure, water baths, falling impact, ESCR, OIT, .....
  • Water vapor permeability , oxygen permeability instruments, head space analyzer.




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